Peru has region’s second most attractive investment climate

Peru’s investment climate is the second most attractive in South America after Brazil, according to a survey of 166 executives by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

Eighteen percent of those surveyed said Peru was the most attractive in the region for investing, compared to 41 percent for Brazil. Colombia was third in the survey at 15 percent followed by Chile at 13 percent and Argentina at 8 percent, daily El Comercio reported.

The question was based on criteria related to perspectives for economic growth, size of the domestic market, business friendly environment, stable regulator conditions, judicial security, among others.

When asked where they plan to invest in the next two years, 54 percent said Brazil, 34 percent Peru, also 34 percent for Colombia, 31 percent Argentina and 28 percent Chile.

Fifty-four percent of respondents said Brazil has the best economic outlook, while 19 percent said Chile, 11.9 percent Peru and 11.1 percent Colombia.

In addition, 69 percent of executives consider Chile to have the most economic stability, followed by Brazil at 23 percent, and Peru and Uruguay each at 2.2 percent.

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