Peruvians resident in US sent close to $1.8 billion home in 2007

In 2007, Peruvians living in the United States wired between $1.6 and $1.8 billion to family members in Peru, according to the Peruvian consul in Washington, D.C., Manuel Talavera.

The results of a two-month survey, conducted between November and December 2007 by twelve Peruvian consulates across the United States, were presented this week by Talavera during a conference attended by Peruvian entrepreneurs and professionals in Washington D.C.

According to Talavera, approximately 66.5 percent of the Peruvians living in the U.S., mostly illegal aliens, sent money to Peru in 2007, while 27.6 percent, most of whom are legal residents or US citizens, did not.

“This is because those that are legal residents have, in many cases, brought their families. And this is why they don’t have to continue sending money,” said Talavera.

The sums wired will continue to be significant, but there could be a noticeable drop in 2008 due to the recession in the United States, the consul said.

The consul reported that there are currently 935,855 Peruvians living in the United States, 140.147 of whom have a DNI, or National Identification Card, and are registered to vote in Peruvian elections.

The largest Peruvian immigrant populations are located in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Patterson, New Jersey.

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