“The World” cruise ship anchors off northern Peruvian coast

“The World,” the only private community at sea, has anchored off the Peruvian coast in the northern port of Acapulco, daily El Correo reported Wednesday.

The cruise ship – home to hundreds of residents from 40 different countries – circumnavigates the globe, staying in most ports for up to five days. During their stopover in Peru, passengers are scheduled to visit Peru’s Punta Sal beach resort, a growing hot vacation spot for beach enthusiasts, seafood amateurs and surfers. It is located nearby the famous Caleta de la Cruz de Pizarro, where Spanish Conquistadors landed more than 400 years ago, as well as Hemingway’s favorite fishing spot, Cabo Blanco.

“The World” has a total of 165 residential units – including 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments and 40 studios – all owned by the ship’s residents.

Built in Risaa, Norway by Fosen Mek. Verksteder, the cruise ship – which allies permanent accommodation and luxury travel – was the idea of Knut U. Kloster Jr. It first set sail from Oslo in 2002, with approximately 70 residents on board.

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