UN applauds move for greater information sharing to combat corruption

An initiative that seeks to improve information sharing between Peru’s judiciary, its public ministry and the comptroller general’s office is an important step to combat corruption, said Flavio Mirella of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

“All the efforts that seek greater cooperation to investigate and prosecute the cases are extremely important,” state news agency Andina reported Mirella as saying.

Mirella said this type of inter-institutional cooperation can provide short term results against crime and corruption.

The president of Peru’s Supreme Court, Cesar San Martin, recently proposed an accord between the judiciary, public ministry and comptroller general’s office to better coordinate corruption cases.

Meanwhile, Mirella stressed the importance of having similar agreements with other institutions abroad.

“International cooperation and the exchange of information with other countries is an important step, because you can’t forget that while the corruption may have occurred in Peru, it is possible that the money is in another country,” said Mirella.

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