Garcia: Military, police to receive 20 percent pay increase starting May 1

President Alan Garcia announced on Monday a 20 percent increase in salary for members of Peru’s Armed Forces and National Police effective May 1, daily Peru.21 reported.

Garcia said he will sign decrees to increase the salaries this week. He added that the next government, which will take office on July 28, will continue to increase the salaries.

“On the first of May, all of these officials with pensions will get the first phase of a 20 percent increase in salary and I am convinced that the next government will continue with the other four increases in order to double the salaries,” Garcia said.

The government is to also authorize the construction of a high-tech pavilion in the Military Hospital to attend to soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty. The government will increase its salaries to wounded military by 25 percent, Garcia said.

Garcia announced last year plans to increase salaries for the military and police in five phases, with the first phase to be included in the 2011 budget.

Military and police personnel had been calling for an increase in salaries during most of Garcia’s administration (2006-11), the president of the Police Military Front, Oscar Pedraza, said last year.   The military and police group had said the salaries were insufficient.

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  1. m. santos costa says:

    This A. Garcias move is certainly an abusive one.
    Who is he to charge the next Govt with such an increase on their expenses?
    This a banana republic irresponsible & non ethical move.
    Poor show.

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