Medical Report Says Fujimori Currently Doesn’t Have Cancer

Fujimori Alberto - 2012A medical report prepared by a team of 12 specialists has found that former President Alberto Fujimori does not currently have cancer.

A copy of the medical report, which was handed into the pardons committee in February but had not been released, was obtained by Cuarto Poder, an investigative journalism TV program. The report, which was commissioned in order to evaluate a humanitarian pardon for Fujimori, said that the former President has a “recurring depressive disorder.” Three of five psychiatrists, of a total of 12 medical specialists who prepared the report, said that Fujimori is suffering from severe depression and should be closely watched as there is a risk of suicide. The other two psychiatrists diagnosed a moderate depression.

Fujimori, 74, is serving a 25-year prison sentence for human rights and corruption crimes. His family has requested a pardon from President Ollanta Humala, citing the former President’s poor health. He has undergone surgery several times in recent years to treat a tumor growth in his mouth that his family and doctors have said is cancerous. The report, however, confirms earlier state cancer hospital reports that the former lesion area should be under observation but that it is no longer cancerous.

The release of the report has set off a debate about whether the former President should be released from prison early.

Congressman Fredy Otarola, a member of Humala’s Gana Peru party, said the report shows there “should be no reason to pardon Fujimori.”

However, lawmaker Victor Andres Garcia Belaunde  of the Popular Christian Party, PPC, said the report shouldn’t be the final decision.  “This is a humanitarian issue where there aren’t clear rules,” he said, according to daily El Comercio.

Legislators who support Fujimori, including his son Kenji Fujimori, said that President Humala should still pardon the former head of state. Kenji Fujimori said that Humala will be remembered based on his decision, “as a generous and humane president or as a cruel and vengeful president.”

According to former assistant state attorney Ronald Gamarra, the minister of Justice, Eda Rivas, should now close the file of the pardon request because the medical report does not meet the requirements to even consider the request.  Gamarra was in charge during the Toledo administration of investigating the corruption and human rights violations during the Fujimori government and his findings led to the successful extradition of Fujimori from Chile and the subsequent trials, as well as the trials and convictions of a number of cabinet ministers, armed forces commander Nicolas Hermoza and intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos.

The senior prosecutor in the Fujimori trials, Avelino Guillen, agrees that the medical report shows there are no grounds for a presidential pardon. When asked if the depression could provide grounds, he said on Ideele Radio that “Absolutely not. If we did a survey of all the prisoners in the country, 99% of them would show strong symptoms of depression; if it were a justification, we would have to release almost everyone who is in jail.”

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  1. I guess that’s what you get when you save your country from a lengthy war, many years of terrorism and an economic disaster where the money is worth nothbing……..the marxists and their followers ALWAYS seem to win.

    Peruvians in general seem to have a VERY short memory as to how things WERE, before el Chino ‘fixed’ them.

  2. Man the people of PERU sure do have short memories I agree with the above comments my grandmother is Peruvian she met my American born grandfather in Lima married and came back to New Orleans La they always kept a home in Lima they went back and fourth as I kid who went back and fourth from Lima to New Orleans La these people just don’t realize how much FUJIMORI did for the country of Peru u can thank him for the Stabilty the country is having now !!!!! Do people REMBER how bad the country was previous to Fujimori taking over??People make mistakes I can promise u if u polled a large portion of Peruvians they would still vote for FUJIMORI free the man for god sakes!!!!

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