Government to push for permanent registry for ex-convicts sentenced on terrorism charges

President Alan Garcia is preparing a bill that would require all Peruvians who have served prison sentences for terrorism to periodically report in with authorities for the rest of their lives, Cabinet Chief Jorge Del Castillo said Monday.

“What we are seeking is a law that says, ‘You have been sentenced for terrorism, have murdered people, so you have the obligation for the rest of your life to report to authorities where you live, what you are doing and what you are up to,'” CPN radio quoted Del Castillo saying.

Expect the pundits and political opposition to cry the obvious: Smoke screen.

Last week, Garcia said his government would publish a list of 1,800 Peruvians who received pardons for terrorism convictions during Peru’s internal armed conflict — a move widely interpreted as a tactic to distract attention from mounting attacks on police by guerrillas in league with drug traffickers.

His government has also been under pressure from jailed ex-President Alberto Fujimori’s party, which has tried to gather support for a vote of censure against Castillo for his handling of the guerrilla attacks. Castillo maintains the “Fujimoristas” are maneuvering for favorable treatment when Fujimori goes to trial next month on human rights abuse charges.

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