Peruvian exchange student killed by gunman in Portland, Oregon

A gunman fired into a crowd outside an under−21 alcohol−free nightclub in Portland, Oregon, killing two teenage girls, including 17 year−old Peruvian exchange student Marta “Tika” Paz de Noboa, and wounding several other people.

The alleged gunman, Erik Salvadore, 24, randomly opened fire Saturday night into a crowd of teenagers waiting to enter the Zone Club to celebrate a birthday.

Paz de Noboa, from Arequipa, was attending Columbia High School in White Salmon, Washington state, since August, as part of a Rotary Club Program.

“Although she was shy, she was a charismatic girl and she loved to dance,” said Janet McCutcheon, vice−principal of Columbia High School. “She spent much of her time with the school’s other exchange students.”

The second victim has been identified by police as 16 year−old Ashley Wilks, a sophomore from Portland.

Salvadore shot himself in the head after opening fire into the crowd. He is in critical condition.

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