Police Break Up Counterfeit Money Producers in Comas

Police in Peru’s capital of Lima broke up an operation where a gang was producing large amounts of counterfeit currency, daily Peru.21 reported.

Police said the gang’s workshop was in Lima’s Comas district, near the Tupac Amaru Avenue thoroughfare.

At the site, police found equipment used to make several types of fake currency, including US dollars, Peruvian soles and Bolivian bolivianos.

The two women and man who were running the operation had with them $1 million in counterfeit dollars, 135,740 fake soles and 286,000 fake bolivianos.

The individuals were arrested and their equipment seized, according to the report.

Counterfeit money is common in Peru, where cash transactions almost always involve the recipient of the money taking a few seconds to double check the bill or coin is legitimate.

In recent years, the growth of the underground production of the fake money has resulted in large amounts of the production being shipped abroad.

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