Senamhi Forecasts Blue Skies in Lima, Breaking Up Grey Winter

Lima in winterAfter months of dull, grey skies, residents in the Peruvian capital of Lima are expected to finally see some sunlight this week, according to the national weather service Senamhi.

Martin Bonshoms, a specialist at Senamhi, said that the forecast is for blue skies and temperatures around 22 degrees this week, from Wednesday through Saturday. There were a few hours of sunshine last weekend, and the skies have been generally brighter since.

He said the forecast is due to warm winds from the north that will help clear up the overcast skies that are notorious in Lima half of the year.

While Lima enjoys blue skies and sunshine during its summer months from December to March, the city is overcast for much of the remainder of the year, a feature noted by poets and novelists.

From about May to October, there is often little sunshine in the city of 9 million people, due to a low-level cloud that rolls off the Pacific as a result of the cold north-bound Humboldt ocean current. Humidity is also high, and a mist-like drizzle known as garúa can make roads slippery but is never heavy enough to wash the streets and vegetation.

Besides grey skies and humidity, winter this year on the coast has been the coldest in 30 years.

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  1. looking forward to some much needed sunshine!

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