Tourists Deported for Graffiti in Cusco

Four tourists, from Uruguay and Argentina, paint over their own graffiti in Cusco before being deported on charges of defacing public property. Photo: Andina

Peru’s Immigration office deported four tourists this week, on charges of acts against “public and internal order.”

The tourists —from Uruguay and Argentina— were caught painting graffiti on an adobe wall in the Tricentenario square in Cusco. Although the graffiti was painted on a “non historical” wall that is covered in cement and white paint, and caused no irreparable damage, authorities said the paintings damaged the visual aspect of the city.

Justice Luz Cardenas ordered the tourists to repaint the wall before they were escorted to the Bolivian border for deportation on Wednesday.  Three of the tourists were from Uruguay — Sereno Borderolle (31), Nicolle Saad (23), and Luisina Moreira (26)—  and the fourth, Ludmila Nykolajczuk (27), was from Argentina.

Under the new Immigration Law enacted in March this year, (D.L. 1350, Art. N° 58° subarticle “f”), the tourists are prohibited re-entry into Peru for 15 years.

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  1. good riddance .. Nice touch making them clean up and then bye bye …

  2. Paul Calderon says:

    WONDERFUL! Peru leads the way again in seeking to reverse the defacing of our buildings with graffiti etc. etc. I hope all taggers worldwide get this message through social media..

  3. Joe Normal says:

    Now then, so why weren’t the Nazca Lines defilers from the terrorist group “Greenpeace”…tried, sentenced, imprisoned, and when their hopefully LENGTHY ‘deterrent’ sentence was served, deported and banned for life from Peru, hmmmm?


  4. John Haigh says:

    It’s a good question Joe Normal, I think they got out of the country and Greenpeace refused to reveal their names.

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