Fujimori invites De Soto to join potential government

Hernando de Soto

Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori has invited renowned economist Hernando de Soto to join her government is she is elected, state news agency Andina reported.

“I am inviting Hernando de Soto so that he can support me on topics of land titles, above all in native communities,” Fujimori said.

De Soto, who is the founding president of the Lima-based think tank Liberty and Democracy, cut short a trip in Asia when he received word of the invitation, daily La Republica reported.

The economist was meeting with the president of Mongolia and concluding a project to formalize properties and businesses in order to resolve conflicts between mining companies and indigenous groups in the Asian country.

Fujimori’s vice-presidential running mate Rafael Rey said De Soto’s acceptance of the invitation would attract numerous other professionals to support the congresswoman’s government plan. It would also increase confidence among the electorate for Fujimori, Rey told Radioprogramas.

Political analyst Santiago Pedraglio, however, said that including De Soto would likely not have a major impact on the campaign.

“What Keiko wants is to move closer than [opponent] Ollanta Humala to the center, to see how many votes she can take away,” daily Peru.21 reported Pedraglio as saying.

De Soto gained international recognition with his work on poverty and its relation to property rights. He worked as an economic advisor during the beginning of the administration of Fujimori’s father, Alberto Fujimori, but resigned before the imprisoned ex-president dissolved congress in the 1992 “self-coup.”

Fujimori is facing left-wing nationalist Ollanta Humala in the second round vote to be held June 5. A recent opinion poll gave Humala a 6-point lead over Fujimori, with 42 percent versus 36 percent.

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  1. Carmen Marina says:

    Peruvias please awake!!!! Humala is the wolf dressing a sheep cloth.

    From where he got the moneys….the pooors????!!!! how????? in this situation are not poors.

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