Peru authorities launch investigation into journalist, Russian spy

Peruvian authorities have accused Vicky Pelaez, the Peruvian journalist who was spying for Russia in the United States, of forging documentation, Radioprogramas reported anti-corruption prosecutor Jorge Luis Caldas as saying.

Caldas said that Pelaez has two birth certificates with different names and a marriage license containing false information. In addition, he said Pelaez entered Peru numerous times but did not legally register arrivals or departures.

Charges against Pelaez include falsifying documents, bribery and corruption of civil servants, Caldas said.

Vicky Peláez was arrested in June along with her husband, Juan Lázaro, at their home in the city of Yonkers, a New York suburb. She was working as a senior columnist for the New York-based paper El Diario/La Prensa when the FBI made the sweeping arrests, which culminated from a multi-year federal investigation. U.S. authorities said Peláez and her husband were members of a network that was responsible for collecting information for Russia.

The defendants pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign country.

Her lawyer had previously said Pelaez was interested in returning to Peru. However if she does not return, Peru may be able to pursue the accusations through international collaboration, Caldas said.

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