Peru Increases Budget with Focus on Security, Infrastructure

Peru’s government increased its budget for 2014 by 10 percent to 119 billion soles ($42 billion), with a strong emphasis on improving security, according to daily Peru.21.

Among the public sector areas that are to receive a boost in spending next year are efforts to improve public security. Finance Minister Luis Miguel Castilla said it will receive 40 percent more than in 2013.

These new funds will be used as part of a reform of the salaries for police and the armed forces, as well as the construction and maintenance of prisons, and improved communications systems.

Fear for personal safety against theft and violent crime is regularly cited as one of the main concerns of Peruvians.

Another area that will receive a boost in spending is infrastructure, in an effort to secure the progress achieved in recent years from the economic boom. The government agreed to increase spending on infrastructure by 25 percent, which will be used for spending on an electric train, airports and highways.

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