Ibero-American Meeting on Security and Defense

Requena, Miguel - Univ Spain

Miguel Requena

Drug traffic, organized crime and youth gangs are the key security threats faced by Latin America, according to Miguel Requena, director of Spain’s General Gutierrez Mellado University Institute.

Requena is in Lima for the 8th Ibero-American Week on Peace, Security and Defense, organized by the Spanish institution and Peru’s Secretariat for National Defense and Security, Sedena, and attended by the region’s international and military experts.

A new look at the structural causes of these threats is needed to take appropriate measures to strengthen security from multidimensional standpoint rather than purely military or from law enforcement, according to the Spanish institute’s chief researcher, Sonia Aldo.

The conference has also addressed the role of military and police intervention in the first stages of natural disasters to open the path for the State’s health and social support services.

The three-day conference closes today, with specialists from Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Spain and Peru.

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