Judiciary, Devida sign agreement to tackle youth drug consumption

An agreement signed on Monday between Peru’s Judiciary and counter-narcotics agency Devida aims to tackle drug consumption, the head of the judicial branch, Cesar San Martin, said.

One of the main objectives of the agreement is to establish joint actions for the implementation of a national program for rehabilitation and social reintegration for adolescents serving jail time, state news agency Andina reported.

“It is an immense task, but the entire country has to understand it and assume its part of responsibility, with a serious concern for the issue and fundamental leadership,” San Martin said.

“Programs like this can be particularly effective with the collaboration of the Judicial Branch,” he added. “I don’t doubt that one of the environments that generates social violence and criminality is the consumption of drugs.”

The first stage of the Program for Attention and Treatment of Drug Consumption will be applied in juvenile prisons in Lima, Arequipa and Ucayali. The program – made up of teams of psychologists and social workers- aims to work with adolescents to strengthen personal skills, control anxiety and impulses, develop social skills and prevent a return to drug usage once clean.

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