Ombudsman’s Office Calls For Better Regulations For Police During Social Conflicts

Peru’s national ombudsman has proposed that the government approve regulations that determine the precise means and methods for the use of force by police officers during social conflicts, state news agency Andina reported.

The proposal follows recent clashes between police and protesters. Earlier this month, three people were killed when informal and illegal miners in Puerto Maldonado, the capital of the southern Madre de Dios region, confronted police. The miners were protesting new measures that strengthen penalties against illegal mining.

On Tuesday this week, one person was killed and at least 36 injured, including five police, during protests by fishermen in Sechura, located on the north coast in Piura region, against proposed gas pipelines from offshore to a plant near the Sechura bay. The project is being developed by Savia Peru, which is 50% controlled by Colombian oil company Ecopetrol and South Korean firm KNOC.

Opposition to large-scale mining projects has also led to a number of violent social conflicts in Peru recently, resulting in various deaths and injuries.

Peru’s ombudsman’s office, the Defensoria del Pueblo, also recommends the approval of guidelines by the National Police to better regulate police intervention.

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