Police Confiscate Cocaine Stuffed in Salt-Dried Fish

Peruvian police confiscated cocaine hidden in the entrails of salt-dried fish, a means of trafficking that hasn’t been seen before by the authorities, according to state news agency Andina.

Aldo Miranda, the head of regional police in Lima, said that authorities found seven kilograms of cocaine paste, or PBC, inside the entrails of dried paiche fish that came from Pucallpa.

“We intervened a vehicle that was driving yesterday around block 17 of Morales Duarez avenue in downtown Lima. After doing the inspections, we found fish from Pucallpa that had cocaine paste. This is new,” Miranda said.

Two people were arrested in the operation, Andina reported.

Peru is one of the world’s top producers of cocaine. Shipments of the drug from Peru are sent to Europe and North America in a variety of ways, including inside handicrafts and in canned or packaged produce, also with fresh frozen fish.

Cocaine production has been increasing steadily in Peru during the past decade while in Colombia, another top cocaine producer, it has been falling.

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