Six renewable energy plants to come online in 2012

Three wind powered farms and three solar powered plants are slated to start operating in Peru in 2012 to generate 200Mw of energy, according to mines and energy ministry’s director of electricity, Ismael Aragon.

“In 2012 there will be six renewable energy plants. Three wind powered farms will have a total capacity of 120Mw… while the three solar projects will have a total of 80Mw,” Aragon was quoted saying by state news agency Andina.

The wind farms will be located in northern Peru’s Piura Department, while the solar plants will be built in the south – specifically in Moquegua, Arequipa and Tacna departments.

The price of a 20Mw wind farm costs approximately $40 million, said Aragon. The investment required for a solar plant is double that figure.

“The wind power we pay a little more than the companies that produce electricity with natural gas or hydroelectricity,” he said. “It could be about 30 percent more on average.”

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