Peru illusionist “Princess Inca” levitates for 15 minutes, leaves onlookers spellbound

Peru illusionist Claudia Pacheco — also known as “Princess Inca” — levitated in mid-air last Friday, drawing a multitude of fans for an event staged in Lima’s central plaza.

Pacheco, 32, a former student of Peru’s School of Fine Arts, levitated in the standard yoga position, approximately 30 centimeters off the ground, and leaning only slightly on a bamboo stick.

“Today I’ve presented for all of you the first act of levitation by a woman in Latin America. I have kept myself suspended in mid air, supported by a bamboo stick, for, I’m not sure how long, a half hour or so,” Pacheco told gathered reporters.

“My intention was to carry this out in Lima’s central plaza, with the Government Palace as a back-drop, and using elements of our culture, such as the alpaca rug, the rain stick, and jewelry with Inca designs,” said Pacheco. “It allows me to promote Peruvian art via the local media and the internet.”

Although Princess Inca – or other magicians such as David Blane, Criss Angel and David Copperfield – aren’t spilling their secret, one way that illusionists perform this trick is to sit on a seat that is anchored by a rod that eventually connects to the pole. The rod can be hidden under flowing clothing, or inside a sleeve.

The Incan Princess is planning to take her act to the Peruvian cities of Cajamarca, Cuzco and Puno.

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