Peru Recalls Ambassador from Israel for Consultation

Peru has recalled its ambassador to Israel, Jose Salinas, for consultation in Lima on the renewed military operations in the Middle East.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Foreign Relations Ministry said “Peru has followed recent developments in the Middle East with extreme concern and deeply laments the breaking of the cease fire with new military operations by Israel over Gaza, which have caused the loss of human lives that now total more than one thousand victims, many of them civilian, women and children.”

The statement added that Peru supports the work of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and the call he has made to all sides of the conflict to guarantee the security of United Nations installations in the area and of the people who seek refuge in them.

According to UN data, some 173,000 Gaza residents (10% of the population) have sought refuge in UN mission facilities.

The Israeli government has responded, expressing its disappointment for “the decision of the government of a friendly country”, with which it shares more than  half a century of bilateral relations, an intense agenda of cooperation, and a significant presence of Israeli investments.”

Peru’s decision was announced at the same time that Chile also announced it was recalling its ambassador from Tel Aviv.  Brazil and Ecuador took the same step a few days ago, while Bolivia has taken a stronger ideological stance and broken relations with Israel.

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  1. Bolivia and Chile, I can understand…they are basically Communist countries…and the “left” throughout the world, has taken an anti-Jew stance. While they will tell you that it’s ‘anti-Zionist” and not “anti-Jew”…they’re just playing with words, if not with a ‘full deck”.

    I don’t recall Israel recalling IT’S Ambassador when Peru was engaged in a ‘life and death’ struggle with Communist (Maoist AND Marxist) Terrorists…..but THAT was ‘friendship’.

    I guess President Humala was sleeping peacefully SOMEPLACE ELSE while the Bombs were going off in Lima, and people were being massacred by SL and MRTA.

    What a HYPOCRITE.

  2. As for the UN, known around the world as “Useless Nobodies”…maybe THEY should stop harboring Hamas terrorists AND rockets and armaments in THEIR U.N. schools, hospitals and facilities…..maybe THEN, people will BELIEVE that they are simply “neutral” observers, trying to ‘help everybody’.

    Useless Nobodies…whom NOBODY believes anymore, as the U.N. now are PART of the conflict…not “neutral” as they are supposed to be. Makes me REGRET MY time as a U.N. ‘blue helmet” peacekeeper in places where BOTH sides were shooting at me…..

  3. So the us congress [aka Zionist bulldogs] now gives the Zionist state $275M to kill Palestinians, while the big Jewish companies [Google and Facebook ] withhold pro Palestinian entries. Again nothing is given press by the Jewish stranglehold on the causes of this blockade by Israel. ie Israel checks everything going into Gaza. [food, petroleum, funds from the UN, and elsewhere,construction material, and on and on.] Congratulations to the world wide Zionist propaganda machine for again bigger LIES

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