Peru takes top prizes at South American Olympic Wrestling Championship

Peru won three gold medals, a silver and two bronze in men’s Greco Roman wrestling at the South American Wrestling Championship, held this past weekend in Lima.  Two golds and a silver were also won by Peruvians in Freestyle wrestling.

And the Peruvian women’s wrestling team came in first with 52 points, winning 4 silver medals, followed by Ecuador with 49 pts, Brazil with 45 pts, and Argentina with 8 pts.

Men and women from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Peru competed in the championship, which was held between July 22 and 25 at held July 23-25 at the Orlando Ochoa Coliseumat the La Videna sports complex in San Borja.

José Magallanes won a gold in the Greco Roman finals against Andrés Montaño of Ecuador, and the second gold, in the 60 kg category, was won by Jean Canchumanta against Christian Vital of Argentina. The third gold medal was won by Yanh Franco Rojas in the 66 kg category, against Enrique Guallpa of Ecuador. In general, Peru came first in Greco-Roman wrestling with 61 points, followed by Argentina with 58 points, Brazil with 48 pts, Ecuador with 43 pts and Panama with 8 points.

Peru’s gold medalists in Freestyle were David Cubas (74 kg) and Abel Herrera (60 kg), and Herrera also won the all-round wrestler in the total championship for twice taking his opponents down to the mat in the first round.

The women silver medalists were  Flor Quispe, Daney Céspedes, Jenni Malqui and Janet Sovero.

Both freestyle and Greek or Greco-Roman wrestling are contested in the Olympic Games.

Athletes competing for Peru included Sixto Barrera, José Magallanes, Paul Sobrado, and Yanh Rojas, and in the women’s categories Flor Quispe, Vanessa Malqui, Daney Céspedes, Elsa Flores, Pierina Luza, Jackelin Castillo and Ingrid Chávez.

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