Peru to Invest $400 Million in Science, Technology in 2013

Peru’s government plans to invest $400 million in science and technology in 2013, which would be the country’s highest annual investment in these sectors, state news agency Andina reported.

Prime Minister Juan Jimenez said the government seeks to boost technological innovation in the Andean country.

About $100 million will be invested in Fincyt, a government fund that coordinates and finances research and development programs to boost Peru’s global competitiveness through new technology.  Most projects are focused towards the industrial and agricultural sectors.

“As well, another $100 million will go to another fund,” Jimenez said Monday.

Jimenez said the government is committed to “innovation, science and technology.”

Jimenez didn’t provide more details about where the investment will be used. Fincyt operates under the President of the Council of Minister’s office.

Peru is a leading producer of raw materials, especially minerals. Some economists have long argued that the country should diversify its business activity by increasing investment in science and technology.

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  1. Sonner than later Peru had to invest in technology.
    Do you think in Japan, these people talk about opening new mines, or creating more agricultural areas?
    No way. They talk about chips, software, robots, high end electronic devices, etc. And the food, they import it from cheap countries like Peru. Peru export 1 ton of oranges for 1000 uss dollars, and they sell us some software which weight nothing for 100,000 uss dollars.
    It will be tough but we must start. I work for an european tech company, and we are commited to protect intellectual property, specially critical documents. You just dont give away tech information and knowledge for free.
    Therefore Peru must invest first.

  2. It seems to me, having just read a critical need to update the infrastructure of Peru, that a fair portion of this wonderful science and technology budget should be directed to innovative public services designed with the needs of local communities. Make this creative opportunity allow input from the general population, show vision for the next generation and serve the future needs of the people of Peru.

    Collaborate with worldwide innovators who have designed inexpensive means to provide clean water (enforce standards for mining), safe transportation (stop killing whole buses of people), building codes (no more houses below unstable hillsides), improve street access to existing markets (no more lost traditional markets and riots), mechanisms for creating non-mining technical jobs (so people are not forces to risk their lives and the Amazon handling mercury/mining for gold), reliable health and social service facilities(scientific plans to identify and treat TB)

    PLEASE use science and technology as a social tool, helping PERU while removing the focus upon FOREIGN mining companies as the major source for the GNP.

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