Peruvian exports to Brazil double in first two months of 2010

In the first two months of 2010, Peruvian exports to Brazil more than doubled their value during the same period last year.

According to state news agency Andina, Peruvian exports to South America’s largest nation and economy in January and February totaled $126 million, up from $60 million in 2009.

Peru’s main exports to Brazil are textiles, chemicals, and agricultural products. In 2009, bilateral trade between the countries totaled $2.09 billion. Brazilian exports to Peru totaled $1.58 billion, while Peruvian exports reached $508 million.

“Brazil is our strategic partner and the Trade Ministries from both countries have committed to our businesses, particularly the small and medium sized companies,” deputy minister of trade, Eduardo Ferreyros, was quoted as saying.

Ferreyros made the comments during a trade meeting with the executive secretary of Brazil’s Trade Ministry, Iván Ramalho.

Part of the meeting reportedly included encouraging Brazilian representatives to increase investments in Peru to take advantage of the Andean country’s free trade deals with the United States, Canada, China and the European Union.

“Subsequently we will discuss with Brazil the contents of our trade deals in a way to motivate them to invest in Peru in a wide range of sectors,” Ferreyros said.

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