Polish archeologist proposes new tourist circuit in southern Peru

The co-director of the Condesuyos Archeological Project, archeologist Mariusz Ziólkowski, announced a possible tourist circuit that would include 20 archeological sites in Peru’s southern Arequipa department. Ziólkowski, also a professor at the Center for Pre-Columbian Studies of Warsaw University, said the sites include ruins from different periods, including cave paintings […]

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Local mayor announces discovery of pre-Columbian archeological fortress

A lost archaeological fortress buried beneath thick, jungle vegetation has apparently been rediscovered in southeast Peru. The Manco Pata fortress was uncovered in Kimbiri, a remote district in Cusco department and part of the Apurímac and Ene river valleys, VRAE, according to the mayor, Guillermo Torres. Torres told Agencia Andina […]

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Peru police recover 64 antiquities in undercover operation

Peruvian Police recovered 64 antiquities yesterday during an undercover operation in Lima’s Barranco district. One of the artifacts was a pre-Inca shawl dating back to the Paracas Culture. Officials say the 2.5-meter-by-1.5-meter shawl is worth $500,000 on the black market. It was offered to the undercover officer at a bargain […]

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Stone blocks at Machu Picchu are 250-million-years-old

Peruvian geologists date stone blocks used in Machu Picchu’s construction to 250-million-years-old. The study’s co-author and geo-scientific director at the Geological Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (INGEMMET), Víctor Carlotto, told Agencia Andina the stones were formed three to six miles below the earths crust. “Through the process of uplifting in […]

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