International Analysis: Energy and Data

By Dakin Sloss — The Mark News—  Affordable, reliable energy makes possible every daily comfort we take for granted, and serves as the lifeblood of our global economy. The great accomplishments of the last 20 years – the rise of developing nations, the reduction of extreme poverty by one billion […]

Peru Energy Summit 2014 to be held in March

A two-day forum on investment and development opportunities in Peru’s broad energy field is to be held March 12-13 in Lima, organized by Latin Markets. The summit — New Energy Projects in Peru: Planning, Investment, Operations, Technology and Construction— is to include more than 65 speakers, leaders in the fields […]

Peruvian Satellite Launched on NASA Rocket

A Peruvian satellite was launched on Thursday by U.S. space agency NASA, the third such satellite developed in the Andean country to be put into space in recent months. The satellite, the UAP SAT-1, was developed by faculty and students at the Universidad Alas Peruanas in Lima. The university began […]

Andean Future Cities and the Modern Machu Picchu-ish Metropolis

Andean Future Cities and the Modern Machu Picchu-ish Metropolis

By Rick Vecchio ✐ Peruvian Times Contributing Editor ☄ As part of the process of human evolution and, moreover, human survival, modern cities are due for a transformation. “They’re going to look more like ancient Machu Picchu than the gleaming towers of glass and steel we have today.” That’s the tantalizing theory […]