Agencia Andina: Peru’s army to receive $3.3 million to finish earthquake cleanup

Presidential Cabinet Chief Jorge Del Castillo said 10 million soles, or about $3.3 million, will be allocated to Peru’s army to finish the cleanup from the magnitude-8 earthquake that devastated Peru’s southern coast last August, the government news agency Andina reported Sunday.

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Earthquake victims protest government inaction

Residents in southern Peru began a 24-hour protest today over the State’s torpid reconstruction efforts following the magnitude-8 earthquake on August 15, 2007. According to the Office of Police Operations (Ceopol) in Ica, protestors blocked kilometer 292 and 293 of the Pan-American South highway leading into Ica. Protestors are calling […]

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Peru river basin a toxic dump

The ¨Revive El Mantaro¨project has found high levels of toxins in the Mantaro river basin, an important water source in Peru’s central Andes. ¨Revive El Mantaro¨ – a campaign launched in July 2006 by civil society groups in six affected provinces – took soil and water samples at over 50 […]

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Peru president lauds U.S. House approval of FTA

Peruvian President Alan García is celebrating after the United States House of Representatives approved a free trade agreement with Peru today. “Peru will have open access to the largest economy in the world. The United States, economically, is 150 times larger than Peru,” García told reporters. The 285-132 vote in […]

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