Protests over tourism development law could cost Cusco millions daily

Possible protests over the approval of a contentious tourism development law could cost Peru’s tourism capital millions of dollars daily. The president of the Lima Chamber of Commerce, Samuel Gleiser, told Radio Programas radio Cusco will lose 20 million soles, about $6.8 million, a day if regional and municipal authorities […]

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Peru Congress approves modified tourism development law ahead of Cusco protests

Congress approved a controversial tourism development law on Wednesday that will ease private investment adjacent to Peru’s rich archaeological ruins and historic sites. The legislation was opposed by opposition lawmakers and some regional governments, including authorities from Cusco who say they will begin indefinite protests on Friday that would threaten […]

Nature reserve for Humboldt Penguins in northern Peru

Authorities in northern Peru have set aside 43 hectares, about 106 acres, for a nature reserve to protect the Humboldt penguin, one of 17 penguin species native to South America’s Pacific coast, according to Wilfredo Sandoval in a report in the daily El Comercio. The proposed reserve is to be at La Farola, […]

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Peru will try to revoke Marinera trademark in Chile

Peru’s Foreign Relations Ministry announced Wednesday that it has begun legal action to revoke a Peruvian woman’s trademark registration of a popular Peruvian dance  in Chile. Cecilia Gurmendi, a former Marinera national champion in Peru, registered “Marinera” with Chile’s Trademark Registry in the Department of Industrial Property in November 2007. […]

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