Garcia describes bright future for Peruvians with investment grade rating

President Alan Garcia enthusiastically told Peruvians on Thursday that the nation’s promotion in its foreign currency debt to investment grade by Fitch Ratings will soon translate to more jobs, better salaries and lower interest rates. “What is the concrete effect of this rating? That all the world’s banks, the financial […]

Ex-President Fujimori resorts to sandals to ease numbness during trial

Ex-President Alberto Fujimori showed up to court in suit, tie and cheap sandals Monday to hear continuing testimony in his trial for allegedly sanctioning the Colina group paramilitary death squad. Fujimori, 69, donned the odd attire one week after he apologized for falling asleep in his chair and not wearing […]

Prehistoric fossil found on bus during routine police check

Authorities in Peru’s hinterlands are accustomed to seizing all sorts of contraband stowed aboard the never-ending caravan of passenger buses that rumble across the Andes toward the capital, Lima: Pre-Columbian artifacts sacked from ancient ruins. Religious relics and paintings torn from the walls of colonial era churches. Tons of Cocaine. […]