International Analysis

International Analysis: NO END IN SIGHT

OP-ED By Mohammad Bassam Imadi ≈ THE MARK NEWS≈ Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the international community have one thing in common: They’re wrong about Syria. Assad believes he will triumph over the revolutionaries and hold on to power. He won’t. The international community thinks it can create some kind of […]

International Analysis: PAKISTAN ON THE BRINK

OP-ED By Akbar S. Ahmed   ≈THE MARK NEWS≈ The election of Nawaz Sharif this past spring as prime minister of Pakistan offers cause for cautious optimism. Pakistan has an almost intractable set of problems, and Sharif has the understanding, experience, and political capacity to tackle them. Pakistan’s economy is in […]

International Analysis: An Elusive Peace

The Mark News ≈ By Mustafa Barghouti ≈ The biggest obstacle to a settlement between Israelis and Palestinians today can be summed up very simply: Israel’s unwillingness to work for peace. It is benefiting materially and financially from its occupation of Palestinian territories, and it’s getting away with it because […]