Op-Ed: Observations on the Election Results

“The coming years will for sure compound this as the voting tsunami lines the pockets of a few, but salts the wells of families all over Peru.”   By Nicholas Asheshov Here are some immediate technical observations on the knife-edge victory of Ollanta Humala. Keiko Fujimori’s people fatally misjudged the […]

Country Notes: Why Easter is so late this year

By Nicholas Asheshov Every afternoon this week, including Monday – which in Cuzco was the Day of Our Lord of Earthquakes – thunder has battered the steep sides of the Urubamba Valley.  This is very unusual.  Normally thunderstorms announce only the beginning of the rains in October and November.  Normally […]

Fujimori, Arana, massacres, impunity and immunity

Fujimori, Arana, massacres, impunity and immunity

By Paul Goulder ~ In April ex-President Fujimori was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison and the long fight for justice by relatives of those killed at Cantuta and Barrios Altos, and who had absolutely no connection with terrorism, have seen some belated and grim reward. It has been called […]

Peru as the next domino in Chavez’s oily socialist plot: How the Wall Street Journal blew the story

By Rick Vecchio ~ The decision last week by the European Parliament to reject inclusion of Peru’s Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement on its list of known terrorist groups has reverberated through Peru with hardly any notice taken by English language news media — with one very notable exception: The Wall […]