Specter of Shining Path dragged out ahead of Fujimori trial

Jailed ex-President Alberto Fujimori is scheduled to face his first human rights abuse trial Dec. 10 to answer for his regime’s brutal excesses to tame the Shining Path insurgency during his 10-year rule. Coincidently, members of his political party spent all last week trying to muster support for a vote […]

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Peru president lauds U.S. House approval of FTA

Peruvian President Alan García is celebrating after the United States House of Representatives approved a free trade agreement with Peru today. “Peru will have open access to the largest economy in the world. The United States, economically, is 150 times larger than Peru,” García told reporters. The 285-132 vote in […]

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Peruvian lawmakers scrutinize possible Venezuelan hand in ALBA cultural center

Cuban Ambassador Luis Delfín Pérez will appear before a Peruvian congressional subcommittee to answer questions about the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) on November 13. Delfín Pérez will be followed by ambassadors from Nicaragua on November 20, Bolivia on November 27, and Venezuela on December 4. ALBA’s activities have […]

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President Alan Garcia’s policy doctrine:The Dog in the Manger Syndrome

The original title of President Garcia’s article is El Perro del Hortelano, a commonly used phrase to describe someone who begrudges others what they are not enjoying themselves. It is taken from the play with the same title (The Dog in the Market Garden) written by Spanish poet and playwright […]

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