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Cusco prepares for future protests

Cusco’s Regional Assembly has decided to organize another protest over a contentious tourism development law passed by Congress in mid-February. The president of the assembly, Efraín Yépez, said they have not set a date for the 72-hour protest, but added they will seek support from other departments, particularly in Peru’s […]

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INC dismisses archeological fortress as mythical lost city

A team of archeologists from the National Institute of Culture, INC, has reportedly dismissed claims an alleged archaeological fortress buried beneath thick, jungle vegetation was a mythical lost city. Instead the INC found the stone structures at the site were formed by natural forces, not Inca stone work, National Geographic […]

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Almost half a million affected by rains

The number of people affected by heavy rains since the beginning of 2008 has increased to almost half a million, the head of Peru’s National Institute for Civil Defense, Luis Palomino, was reported saying. According to Agencia Andina, Palomino said the number includes some people who are affected short term […]

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MEM: Peru was World’s largest silver producer in 2007

A report by the United States Geological Survey, USGS, says Peru was the World’s largest silver producer in 2007, according to the Energy and Mines Ministry, MEM. The USGS report, cited by the MEM on Sunday, says Peru’s silver production reached more than 109 million fine ounces in 2007. The […]

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