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Defense Minister denies claims of U.S. military presence

Defense Minister Ántero Flores-Aráoz denied claims made by opposition leader Ollanta Humala that personnel from the United States military are currently operating in Peru’s jungle region. Humala said Peruvian military sources told him that U.S. military personnel are operating in the country’s north-east Loreto Department, which shares a porous border […]

Antauro Humala begins trial for 2005 assault on police station

Antauro Humala and more than 170 of his ultra-nationalist followers began trial today for the January 2005 assault on a remote police station in the southern town of Andahuaylas, in Apurímac Department. State prosecutors have requested a 35-year sentence and expulsion from the country following completion of their sentence for […]

Seized Fossil in Peru

Seized_fossil_peru by peruviantimes

Congress approves modified version of law to fight organized crime

Congress approved a modified version of legislative decree 992, or the Lost Domain Law, yesterday that will allow authorities to seize the goods of people who are accused of crimes related to drug trafficking, kidnapping, extorsion and money laundering, among others. The legislation was approved with 74 votes in favor, […]