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Potato Science for the Poor: UN conference held in Cusco

More than 90 of the world’s leading authorities on the potato met in Cusco this week to discuss sustainable potato-based systems, in a four-day conference sponsored by the International Potato Center, CIP, and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO. One of the expected outputs of the conference has been […]

Prehistoric fossil found on bus during routine police check

Authorities in Peru’s hinterlands are accustomed to seizing all sorts of contraband stowed aboard the never-ending caravan of passenger buses that rumble across the Andes toward the capital, Lima: Pre-Columbian artifacts sacked from ancient ruins. Religious relics and paintings torn from the walls of colonial era churches. Tons of Cocaine. […]

Peru exports increase by almost 30 percent

During the first two months of 2008, Peruvian exports reached more than $4.7 billion, a 29.7 percent increase over the same period last year, Radio Programas reported the Peruvian Commission for Exports and Tourism, PromPeru, saying. The largest importer of Peruvian exports was reportedly the United States, which received 18 […]

Corruption accusations continue to emerge following Aug. 15 earthquake

More than seven months after a magnitude-8 earthquake rocked southern Peru, authorities from the hard-hit Ica Department found a reportedly large quantity of donations hoarded in the house of a local mayor. According to daily El Comercio, authorities under the orders of prosecutor Ángel Mendoza Suppo confiscated food products, clothes, […]