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Bolivia is requested to respect the Uros culture, Lake Titicaca, Peru

A Bolivian anthropologist is appealing to his government to put the breaks on development of floating reed tourism attractions that replicate Peru’s Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca. Manuel Rojas Boyan asked Bolivia to respect the ancient traditions of the Uros civilization, telling Peruvian daily El Comercio that he believes it […]

Ex-President Fujimori resorts to sandals to ease numbness during trial

Ex-President Alberto Fujimori showed up to court in suit, tie and cheap sandals Monday to hear continuing testimony in his trial for allegedly sanctioning the Colina group paramilitary death squad. Fujimori, 69, donned the odd attire one week after he apologized for falling asleep in his chair and not wearing […]

Police seize two tons of cocaine worth $100 million during weekend raids

Peru’s anti-drug police, Dirandro, seized nearly two tons of cocaine bound for Europe this weekend during raids on two houses used by the same organized crime ring. And according to daily La República, among those arrested was a rookie policewoman whom the traffickers infiltrated into a key police investigations unit […]