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Peruvian congressman admits lying about shooting neighbor’s Schnauzer puppy

An opposition congressman under fire for gunning down his neighbor’s pet Schnauzer has not only confessed that he lied about the incident, but that he shot the defenseless pooch with an unlicensed rifle. “To err is human and I, like any of you, am mortal. I am not beyond committing […]

Peru to sign free trade agreements with Canada and Singapore, looks to Asia for more free markets

President Alan García is to confirm Thursday, at the opening of the APEC Trade Ministers Meeting in Arequipa, the signing of free trade agreements (FTA) with Canada and Singapore. Peru concluded its FTA negotiations with Canada during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January, with both countries seeking […]

Peruvian forensic team exhumes bodies from a mass grave victims were forced to dig themselves

While Peru celebrates the fruits of record economic growth, poverty reduction and political stability, forensic experts in an isolated, windswept Andean zone are unearthing evidence of a dark past few want to remember. The Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team started last week to exhume the human remains from Peru’s largest known […]

Peru poverty rate dropped last year 5.2 percentage points to 39.3 percent

President Alan Garcia lauded a report by the National Statistics Institute that showed Peru’s poverty rate dropped more than 5 percentage points in 2007. But he also warned Peruvians that the figures could be fleeting. “Just as there can be hiccups of growth that later drop, there too can be […]