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Peruvian farmers turn to Israel to learn state-of-the-art irrigation technology

As Peru’s valuable water resources continue to diminish at an alarming rate, representatives from 15 farming federations traveled Monday to Israel to learn about the latest innovations in irrigation technology. Agriculture Minister Ismael Benavides said the irrigation training in Israel “will help to complement our program to improve irrigation, infrastructure, […]

Fujimori’s precancerous mouth lesion a ploy, critics say

Critics believe former President Fujimori’s precancerous mouth condition, leukoplakia, is being used as a ploy to obtain a mistrial and to distract public attention from the testimony given by retired army Gen. Rodolfo Robles, who has told the court that Fujimori was fully aware of the Colina death squad’s assassinations […]

Peru Congressman under scrutiny for allegedly gunning down neighbor’s Schnauzer

Peru congressman accused of dog’s murder Uploaded by peruviantimes

Peruvian congressman lambasted for allegedly gunning down neighbor’s Schnauzer puppy

Peruvian legislators are frequently hit with a wide array of scandals: Everything from run of the mill nepotism for hiring a relative or friend for a no-show job, to more lecherous shenanigans, like getting caught on videotape begging a teenage office assistant not to press charges for sexual abuse. But […]