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OAS accepts Peru’s motion for special Permanent Council meeting on EU migration law

The Organization of American States on Tuesday accepted Peru’s request to hold a special meeting of the Permanent Council in Washington later this week to address the European Union’s approval of a tough new illegal immigration law. The law passed by the European Parliament last week calls for detention of […]

Breath of fresh air: autos in Peruvian capital making switch to natural gas

Thirty-four thousand vehicles in Peru’s capital, Lima, have converted their engines to natural gas and the Peruvian Natural Gas Vehicle Association predicts that 30,000 more will make the switch by the end of the year. “This market is growing at an accelerated pace, especially in Lima. And if we maintain […]

Peru president posts more than 300 letters personally inviting world business execs to invest in Peru

Since his term began in July 2006, President Alan Garcia has mailed out more than 300 dispatches to invite top businessmen from Chile and 51 other countries to invest in Peru. Garcia’s press secretary released the information to Peruvian journalists to head off criticism about a story published Sunday in […]

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National Geographic weighs heavily in favor of Peru in Machu Picchu collection dispute with Yale

The National Geographic Society insists Yale University turn over to Peru all artifacts taken from Machu Picchu by American historian Hiram Bingham nearly a century ago. Though Yale recognized Peru’s title to the artifacts by signing a memorandum of understanding last September, negotiations are now stalled as Machu Picchu’s centennial […]