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No justice for Putis?

By Beatriz Merino, Peru’s Ombudsman Published in La Republica Imagine that one day you answer the military’s offer for protection from terrorist attacks. Imagine that because you were convinced that you were protected beside the military base, you headed back to your town to bring other campesinos, including your wife […]

Peruvian model faces four years in jail for posing nude with Peruvian flag

Dancer and model Leisy Suárez, who was photographed nude astride a horse saddled with a Peruvian flag, could face up to four years in jail for allegedly desecrating a national emblem, according to Edilberto Bejarano Salas, the Defense Minister’s attorney.Bejarano, who Thursday formally pressed criminal charges against Suárez, said it […]

Peruvians resident in US sent close to $1.8 billion home in 2007

In 2007, Peruvians living in the United States wired between $1.6 and $1.8 billion to family members in Peru, according to the Peruvian consul in Washington, D.C., Manuel Talavera. The results of a two-month survey, conducted between November and December 2007 by twelve Peruvian consulates across the United States, were […]

Peru joins Colombia and Brazil to monitor Amazon borders against illegal arms and drug traffic

President Alan Garcia signed an accord with his Colombian and Brazilian counterparts Sunday to reinforce surveillance of the Amazon region’s rivers, to combat the illegal traffic of arms and drugs and rebel groups such as Colombia’s FARC guerrillas. “This tri-national action in the Amazonian jungle rivers will bolster our work […]