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Peru’s southern Andean freeze continues

Extreme cold temperatures have plummeted down to −26.5°C, or −16°F and strong ice-cold winds are blowing across Peru’s highland region of Puno, said meteorologist Hernán Saavedra, regional Director of the country’s National Meteorology and Hydrology Institute, or Senamhi. The higher zones, including Capaso, Masocruz and Punta Perdida, have been hit […]

Puno regional government denies hiring unqualified cronies for consultant posts paid with United Nations funds

The head of Puno’s regional government, Hernán Fuentes, denied allegations that he illegally hired unqualified personnel with funds from the United Nations Development Programme, or UNDP. The news, which generated sharp reactions in Lima, was widely reported in Peru’s newspapers Wednesday. Fuentes, who is being investigated for allegedly hiring government […]

Police seize nearly 15 tons of fake medicine destined for downtown Lima pharmacies

Peru anti-fraud and corruption authorities seized nearly 15 tons of fake medicine, valued at approximately 100,000 soles, or $35,000. The operation, conducted June 11 in three different stores located on Paruro Street in Lima’s city center but made known only this week, yielded nearly 15 tons of fake and possibly […]

Mayor of Lima suburb faces investigation for allegedly infecting municipal employees with HIV

The mayor of the Lima suburb Chosica is facing resurgent accusations that he coerced municipal employees into having sex by threatening to fire them if they refused, and that he infected at least two with HIV. Peru’s Health Ministry on Tuesday published a resolution in the official government gazette, El […]