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Three arrested in Peru for the murder of Israeli journalist in Arequipa

Three men were arrested and charged with the rape and murder of a vacationing Israeli journalist after her partially burnt passport and Hebrew books were discovered buried in the back yard of one of the suspects, Peruvian newspapers reported Tuesday. Tamar Shahak, 23, was half-way through an extended trip across […]

Ex-presidential body guard ‘Lady Bi’ under arrest

Lady Bardales, the ex-police lieutenant and bodyguard to former President Alejandro Toledo, was escorted Thursday to Peru’s Justice Palace under heavy guard to face charges of illegal enrichment after eluding authorities for more than seven months. Dubbed “Lady Bi” by Peru’s tabloid press — an allusion to Britain’s Princess Diana […]

Signs of cabinet shuffle start with Finance Minister Luis Carranza

Rumours of changes in the Cabinet are widespread as President Alan Garcia prepares for his Independence Day address to the nation on July 29 and brings the second year of his government to a close. The first cabinet member expected to make his resignation formal, perhaps as early as this […]

Why don’t you shut up? Peru President Alan Garcia tells Bolivia to stop meddling

A day after recalling his ambassador from Bolivia, President Alan Garcia on Monday sharply told his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, to butt out of Peru’s domestic affairs in reply to the Bolivian leader’s call for Peruvians to protest the alleged establishment of United States military bases on Peruvian soil. “Run […]