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Alleged rape of teenage army recruit gets attention of Peru’s top military brass and Cabinet ministers

A military booze party that led to the alleged rape of a 19-year-old recruit on Lima’s Hoyos Rubio military base has caught the attention of Peru’s Defense Minister, Congress and top military brass officials. Defense Minister Antero Flores Aráoz, Women’s Affairs Minister Susana Pinilla Cisneros and the Commander-in-Chief of Peru’s […]

Showdown over national cultural patrimony and private property opens third round as Peru and Yale officials meet in New York

After months of silence and stalled talks, Peruvian delegates and officials from Yale University met Tuesday for a third round of negotiations at the Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations in New York to determine the future of thousands of archaeological artifacts taken from Machu Picchu by American […]

Congress repeals Peru president’s Amazon jungle development decrees

Congress ratified Friday a congressional committee’s motion to repeal two land Amazon jungle development laws decreed by President Alan García, two days lawmakers struck a deal with indigenous rights groups to lift protests that disrupted operations at drilling platforms and sections of an oil duct in northern Peru. Congress’ action […]

Peru president contends quid pro quo by lawmakers to end indigenous strike is ‘grave historical mistake’

Indigenous groups lifted their road blockades and suspended their strike against key energy sites Thursday, a day after a congressional committee voted to repeal two land development laws decreed by President Alan García. García called the move a “grave historical mistake” and predicted that rolling back his decrees would condemn […]