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Probable pre-Incan cemetery discovered in Amazonas

A likely pre-Inca cemetery, containing 200 skeletons as well as ceramics, was discovered in a 70-by-15 meter cave located a three-hour hike away from Nuevo Jordán, in the northern department of Amazonas, state news agency Andina reported Friday. Some of the tombs were damaged by local farmers who went scavenging […]

Outbreak of dengue fever and health alert in Iquitos

Peruvian health authorities have reported that a fast-growing outbreak of dengue fever, aggravated by heavy rain and torrid heat, might lead to the reappearance of the more serious dengue hemorrhagic fever in Iquitos, a city of approximately 300,000 residents in Peru’s northern Amazon region. According to Loreto’s Regional Health Office, […]

Peru swept by protests, new premier Yehude Simon’s “honeymoon” over

Mass protests have swept across Peru this week, with protesters threatening politicians and torching a police station, in what local media has dubbed the end of premier Yehude Simon’s “honeymoon.” Thousands flooded the streets Thursday in the southern province of Tacna, blocking strips of the Pan-American highway and torching the […]

El Comercio Editorial: Telephone tapping is against democracy

Published in El Comercio Oct.29, 2008 Over the past few days, a terrible sensation has been gradually increasing that the country is literally being blackmailed, by an illegal system of telephone and private communications interception, controlled by some anonymous puppeteer. And that, though it may be redundant to say so, […]