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Huacachina lagoon level drops sharply due to well pump failure

The Huacachina Lagoon, the focal point of a small oasis resort located 306 km south of Lima near the city of Ica, has begun to dry up in recent weeks after the local water company drastically cut back the number of hours allowed for pumping water from a local well. […]

President Garcia silences army chief in diplomatic spat with Chile

Peru’s President Alan Garcia has asked his country’s army chief, Gen. Edwin Donayre, to remain silent in a diplomatic spat with Chile, triggered by a YouTube video of the general making anti-Chilean comments during a private cocktail party — and then reignited when he later reneged on his apology. “In […]

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More than 30 potentially hazardous “pre-historic planes” used to fly daily over Peru’s Nazca lines

Though tourism has soared in Nazca, operators who fly visitors over the enigmatic Nazca Lines etched into the desert sands are not buying new aircraft to replace aging, frail-looking planes, in spite of a spate of deadly accidents and hair-raising emergency landings. According to daily El Comercio, 90 percent of […]

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