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Peru Health Ministry confirms 11 new cases of swine flu, nearly 20 Lima schools temporarily shut down

By Annie Thériault Peru’s Health Ministry reported on Thursday that 11 additional cases of swine flu were confirmed in the Andean country, bringing the total to 16. “In Peru, 11 new cases of the AH1N1 virus have been confirmed,” reads the press release posted on the Health Ministry’s website. “And […]

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Fujimori, Arana, massacres, impunity and immunity

Fujimori, Arana, massacres, impunity and immunity

By Paul Goulder ~ In April ex-President Fujimori was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison and the long fight for justice by relatives of those killed at Cantuta and Barrios Altos, and who had absolutely no connection with terrorism, have seen some belated and grim reward. It has been called […]

Indigenous communities pursue strike, charges pressed against Alberto Pizango for “insurgency call”

As indigenous communities throughout Peru’s jungle provinces continue to block highways, waterways and oil pipelines, Peru’s Justice Minister pressed criminal charges Friday against Alberto Pizango, who called for an “insurgency” against the government last week. “People have to learn that their actions have consequences,” said Justice Minister Rosario Fernández. “When […]

Getulio Vargas Foundation: Peru has region’s best “economic climate”

Peru has the region’s best “economic climate” in Latin America, according to a report published by Brazil’s Getulio Vargas Foundation, or FGV. According to the report, Latin America’s Economic Climate Index, or ECI, surged from 2.9 points in January to 3.6 points in April 2009. The jump, according to FGV […]

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