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Poachers kill 370 vicuñas in Huancavelica province

Poachers have killed more than 370 vicuñas — one of two wild South American camelids — near the highland community of Santiago de Chocorvos, in Peru’s central department of Huancavelica. According to daily El Comercio, the poachers rounded up the vicuna, killed them, and then stripped the animals of their […]

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Former Lima Mayor Alberto Andrade dies, honored by Peru’s Congress

Peru’s flag was flown at half-mast at all public buildings and grounds and military posts on Friday, to honor former Lima Mayor Alberto Andrade, who died of pulmonary fibrosis in the U.S. state of Washington. “I want to thank everyone,” said Andrade’s widow, Anita Botteri. “He was an excellent father, […]

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Peru’s García: Evo Morales’ comments are nothing short of bar-room shouts

Evo Morales’ “bar-room shouts” don’t deserve attention or a response, said Peru President Alan García on Saturday, just days after his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales called him “one of the world’s worst presidents.” “I understand the limitations some people have, each person is shaped according to his education, his level, […]

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Human Rights Watch: Peru radio closure could undermine press freedom

The Peruvian government’s decision this month to revoke the broadcast license of a local radio station “could have a chilling effect on community broadcasting in Peru,” reported Human Rights Watch on Wednesday. “The timing and circumstances of the revocation suggest that it may have been an act of censorship, or […]

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