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Peru’s famed Pur Pur sand dune threatened by crops and sand thieves

Peru’s famed Pur Pur sand dune threatened by crops and sand thieves

The Pur Pur sand dune and Natural Reserve, located near the north coastal city of Virú and once considered to be one of Peru’s largest sand dunes, has been significantly shrunk by encroaching crops and residents who steal sand to later commercialize it, reported daily El Comercio.

Peru government prohibits extraction of paiche from Ucayali’s Imiría Lake for next 10 years

Peru has prohibited the extraction of paiche and other fish from Ucayali’s Imiría and Chauya Lakes until 2019, reported state news agency Andina on Thursday. The regulation, published today in official state daily El Peruano, is applicable only to commercial extraction, and not to subsistence fishing. As one of the […]

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Devida: drug trafficking is contributing to deforestation and contaminating rivers in Peru’s Amazon region

More than 15 million liters of toxic chemicals used in the processing of coca and production of coca paste and cocaine are dumped into the Amazon’s rivers every year, reported Peru’s National Commission for the Development of Life without Drugs, or Devida on Thursday. “The perverse business of drug trafficking […]

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