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Peru Ombudswoman’s report on the care for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault concludes government-sponsored women’s emergency centers “not efficient”

By Annie Thériault ~ Every day, at least 108 Peruvian women are victims of physical, sexual or psychological violence. And if not all ask for help, most are met with less-than-adequate attention, reports Peru’s Ombudswoman Beatriz Merino. The government-funded Emergency Centers for Women, or CEMs, “are not efficient,” states Merino […]

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Peru’s Garcia travels to Argentina for UNASUR Summit, Uribe expected to come under fire for military base deal

Peru President Alan García – the only South American leader to have expressed support for Colombian President Alvaro Uribe’s U.S. military base deal – left early Thursday to attend an extraordinary Union of South American Nations, or UNASUR, Summit in Argentina.

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Aidesep: resurgence of violence likely if government fails to fulfill its promises

Things much worse than what occurred in Bagua – where violence clashes left 24 policemen and at least ten natives dead – could happen if the government does not commit to its engagements and set up a negotiation table, said Daysi Zapata, the vice-president of the Association for the Development of […]

Traffic accidents kill or injure at least 50 people daily in Peru’s capital city

At least 50 people are injured or killed by speeding cars and reckless drivers every day in Peru’s capital, reported Lima’s Transport Investigation Center, or Cidatt, on Monday. According to Cidatt, for every 1,000 vehicles zigzagging through Lima’s more-than-busy streets, 27 people will die as a result of car or […]

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