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One soldier killed and another wounded during attack on military base

Peru’s Joint Command of the Armed Forces says one soldier was killed and another wounded when Shining Path guerrillas attacked a military counter-terrorist base Friday morning in the country’s isolated Apurímac and Ene River Valleys, or VRAE. According to Radio Programas Peru, the rebel group used long range weapons to […]

Peru begins vaccination for swine flu; invests $30 million in three-part campaign

Peru’s government said Friday it has invested more than 86 million soles, about $30 million, on a campaign to provide free vaccinations to approximately 3 million people for the AH1N1 flu virus. Peru’s Health Ministry said the immunization process will be provided in three stages and distributed to high risk […]

Tourist plane crashes by Nazca lines; Seven die

Tourist plane crashes by Nazca lines; Seven die

Seven people have been killed after a small plane carrying tourists crashed Thursday morning near the famous Nazca lines, located about 250 miles south of Lima in Peru’s arid coastal Ica department. Police in Nazca said three Chilean tourists, three Peruvian tourists and the pilot were killed. One of the […]

IDB provides grant for Peru’s national waterway plan

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved an $850,000 technical cooperation grant to finance the development of a national waterway plan in Peru that will allow sustainable development and commercial use of the country’s river network, the Bank said in a statement on Wednesday. The National Plan for Waterways Development aims […]